Dienstag, 10. September 2013

it's been a little while since my last post, i'm no good at keeping things updated.

so what's been going on? in june i was invited by goethe institute indonesia to host a comic workshop in bandung and take part in the 5th International Scholarly Conference 2013. it was a really cool trip and i met so many inspiring artists and new people. the only downside was that every restaurant and even the hotel bar ran out of beer and whisky everytime i was around. i wonder why.

in october i'll be at the comicfestival hamburg with an exhibition and live tattoo session. so if you wanna get a small tattoo, you should come around on friday, october 4th!

if you happen to like sonic youth and breaking bad, you should check out my shop.

unfortunately i had to take down this version because of some ownership problems, so now there's still stuff with the new drawing.

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